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Garage Door Wind Resistance

01/19/2017 Back To Blog

Beyond their ability to protect your family from intrusions and security threats, garage doors also play a vital part in protecting your home from adverse weather conditions. Nowhere is this truer than their protective power when it comes to dangerously high wind pressures or hurricanes which can be devastating for your household if you are not properly prepared.

Since your door is one of the largest parts of your home’s exterior, if it is not adequately built to withstand high wind pressures, it may even pose a risk to the structure of your home instead of providing it with protection. Obviously, this matter goes further than a need for mere garage door repairs, if high winds should infiltrate the structure of your home, it could do a great deal of damage. So, if you would like to know a little more about ensuring that your doors are resistant to high winds, this guide will help you along.Garage Door Wind Resistance

The Importance of Wind Resistant Garage Doors

In many areas in and around the USA, especially those like Florida which are prone to high winds, residential garage doors are required to withstand wind speeds as high as 130 miles per hour. This statutory requirement is necessary for the protection of not only your own home, but for that of your neighbors as well.

A door that is not adequately prepared to take on these conditions can cause major damages to your home, driving up insurance premiums and even causing severe injuries or death. Even the smallest amount of water or ice could easily find its way into your garage if it is not adequately prepared. Couple this with a sudden change in internal air pressure during a storm, and you may find the structure of your home and roof being damaged or sorely undermined.

Hurricane Proof and Impact Resistant Doors

Impact resistant doors are an ideal and affordable solution for homes that need to protect themselves from debris thrown up during a storm which under normal circumstances may create serious damages when they collide with their frames. While these impact resistant doors might be a great way to ensure minimal protection in this regard, they are not always properly suited to areas that have to withstand staggering wind speeds.

A far better option is to have a hurricane proof garage door installed in your home if you are facing these conditions. Their careful design makes their frames twist proof, providing them greater stability and power during times of adverse weather.

Many manufacturers such as Clopay Garage Doors are dedicated to producing doors that meet these requirements, ensuring that when you have one fitted, that you can take piece in knowing that your home is properly secured from the wind.

Further Strength In The Face Of a Storm

Regardless of the type of door you have installed in your garage, having a bracing kit fitted to your setup will give it additional strength and protective power in the face of a storm or high winds. Brace kits are easy enough to install without the help of a technician, provided it is done with care, and can go a long way towards providing doors with the protective power that they require.

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