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Commercial garage door for your business

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If you are looking to purchase commercial garage doors for your business, there are several things to consider. These doors will be expected to conform to certain codes, require heavy duty locks and need to withstand high traffic movement of commercial vehicles such as trucks and other heavy equipment. The professionals Garage door repair Palm Harbor recommend businesses follow a few simple tips to ensure they make the right choice.Commercial Garage Door


Choice of material

Commercial doors have a far more limited choice of materials than residential doors. All glass or fiberglass doors are simply not suited for commercial use, so you may find your choice limited to high grades of aluminum, rolling steel or steep infections.


Aluminum models are easy and quick to open, providing a lighter option than the steel alternative. Good examples of this type of door can be seen on fire stations.


Steel doors can provide a stronger and more secure option. They are available with options for insulation which provides a greater ability to control the climate within the garage.


The choice of material is mostly down to personal preference and the specific requirements of your business. If you need fast action aluminum doors would be better, whereas if you are more concerned about security, you may prefer a steel door.



This depends on preferences and requirements but you should be aware that a garage door opener will need a durable door to withstand the usage. Smaller businesses may not require automation, but if the doors need to be operated frequently you may find automated door openers extremely beneficial.


Security Considerations:

Unfortunately for businesses, there is usually a security versus budget consideration. While there are cheaper options available, higher gauge materials provide more durable garage door parts which are more secure. This should be carefully considered to assess the needs of your business. You should also check business insurance policies which may specify certain security measures.

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