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Garage Door Openers

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Garage Door Openers are the electric mechanisms, which activate the door's motion. The door arm connects with the trolley, which is attached to the opener box. When the opener is activated by the wall button or clicker, the chain or belt runs,and the door opens with the help of the door arm, and the other components like the springs and cables. The opener enables people to open the door automatically but the door can also be opened manually when the emergency rope is pulled. The rope manually disconnects the opener and a person caught under the door can be freed, in case the photo eyes haven't reversed the door. The photo eyes are also an essential feature since 1993.They detect an obstruction under the door and make sure the door goes up again.

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Garage Door Openers in Palm Harbor

The experience of Garage Door Repair Palm Harbor with openers is truly amazing. Every technician at our esteemed company is knowledgeable of the latest Chamberlain, Liftmaster, and Genie products.  They proficiently fix and install Craftsman Garage Door Opener operators or openers made by Marantec and Sears. These are the basic manufacturers of door operators and that's why our company will always order new openers or opener parts from them for you. The experienced technicians understand particular features of all branded openers and of different models. We strive to offer quality products and garage door repair services so you receive only the best.

Despite their distinctions, all Garage Door Openers must have the necessary sensors and, thus, comply with UL 325,whose job is to open the door automatically. We make sure they remain in optimal condition with our great garage door opener maintenance, meticulously check the parts of the operator, and confirm all parts are fastened including the opener box against the angle iron. As specialists in door openers, we deliver flawless and thorough work especially when installing new ones. Garage Door Repair Palm Harbor ensures the safety of clients is ensured and responds fast to emergency calls.

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