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How to Avoid Getting Your Garage Door Broken

07/31/2014 Back To Blog

Your garage door can be considered as one of the most important parts of your home. A garage door is not only functional, but it also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home. It also ensures that your house and its occupants are kept safe from outsiders. Therefore it is important that these doors are constantly in good shape. To ensure that they will always function well, here are tips on how to avoid getting your doors broken:How to Avoid Getting Your Garage Door Broken

Check your doors regularly

Experts in Palm Harbor always say that regular inspection of your doors is important. They stand a longer chance at lasting and withstanding long periods of time. Make sure that you check them regularly for wear and tear. Weather conditions do wear down the overall appearance and function of the door. It is important to check them during seasonal changes or after an abrupt change in the weather, especially before and after winter. Make sure that you check both the physical appearance of all the parts, as well as the functions of the door. But call an expert immediately if you feel that the performance is compromised.

Conduct regular maintenance checkups and procedures

It is one thing to check for any problems. But what matters most is what you do after finding out that there is a problem. Clean the garage door parts well if you see any dirt or rust. Scrub them to get rid of dirt and rust. Then make sure to oil or lubricate the parts. Any faulty parts like a broken garage door trolley should be changed or sent for repair right away, even if they are still working. You do not want to wait for the parts to totally give way before purchasing garage door replacement parts. Lastly always make it a point to perform lubrication maintenance on a monthly basis to keep everything running in tip top condition.

Remember you are dealing with the safety of your home and family. Give us a call for better assistance.

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