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Know More about the Condition of Your Automatic Opener

11/01/2015 Back To Blog

The garage door opener is the heart of any automated garage system. It constantly supports a staggering amount of weight each time it is used. But as strong as they are, they aren’t immortal, and if you neglect them they will inevitably malfunction, probably at the worst possible time as well. But if you can understand their cries for help, you can deal with problems before they cause trouble. So here are a handful of helpful tips that are guaranteed, if followed, to add to the longevity of your garage door opener.Know More about the Condition of Your Automatic Opener

Listen to your opener

It doesn’t matter which type of drive your opener is, if it doesn’t sound like it first did when you had it installed, something is wrong. Obviously no system is expected to operate in complete silence, but if it’s loud enough to wake you up it’s probably not doing so well. A noise could mean the door is misaligned and is putting excessive strain on the opener. And so a good first step would be to seek a professional who offers garage door adjustments. If the noise persists, the opener itself may already be damaged.

Is everything as it should be?

Keep an eye on all the components, but in terms of the opener, it is good practice to keep a casual eye on the brackets which hold it in place. Even if it is not about to fall, the opener should not be able to move at all during its operation. Be wary too of your opener’s functions, like the reverse function. You want to test them every now and again to make sure they work. If they are malfunctioning, it’s better not to ignore them. Why would you turn mild maintenance into emergency part replacement when it’s completely avoidable?

Automatic openers are extremely sturdy and will last for ages, even if you neglect them a little. But if you take great care of them they will last even longer. Keeping an eye on your opener’s condition is not difficult and it doesn’t even require a keen eye. It’s just about being able to spot potential problems as they arise and not ignoring them afterwards. For more advice on how to take care of your openers and what to do if they have any problems, call a technician from “Garage Door Repair Palm Harbor” and get some advice. Your automated systems will benefit in the long run.

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